Vocal Works

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American Folk Suite flute 8x11.jpg

American Folk Suite (2012)

soprano and flute, ~16 min

A five-movement set of six folk songs with ties to the early American experience. 2014 BMO Merit Award.

I. Come all you fair and tender ladies
Duo Rossignol
Price: $20
American Folk Suite clarinet 8x11.jpg

American Folk Suite (2019)

soprano and clarinet, ~16 min


Transcription of American Folk Suite for the Whistling Hens.

III. Johnny has gone for a soldier
Whistling Hens
Price: $20
The Cowboy and His God.jpg

The Cowboy and His God (2019)

tenor and piano, ~10.5 min


Two songs exploring the realtionship between the cowboy and his Maker.

The Cowman's Prayer
Gene Roberts, tenor
Cherise Leiter, piano
Price: $12
Cowboy songs for Her 8x11.jpg

Cowboy Songs for Her (2014)

female voice and piano, ~15.5 min


Five songs detailing the wild west from the female perspective.

My Love is a Rider
Christina Howell, soprano
Cherise Leiter, piano
Price: $15
Cowboy songs for Him 8x11.jpg

Cowboy Songs for Him (2015)

male voice and piano, ~13 min


Five songs exploring the legendary life of the Cowboy.

Poor Lonesome Cowboy
Gene Roberts, tenor
Cherise Leiter, piano
Price: $15
Cowboy songs for Them 8x11.jpg

Cowboy Songs for Them (2015)

soprano, tenor, and piano ~14.5 min


Four duets about life in the Old West.

The Dying Cowboy--O Bury Me
Christina Howell, soprano; Gene Roberts, tenor
Cherise Leiter, piano
Price: $15
Distant Shadows.jpg

Distant Shadows (2002)

soprano, oboe, piano ~6 min

A vocalise written for Dr. Leslie Odom and published by TrevCo-Varner

Distant Shadows
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Eve Diary 8x11.jpg

Eve's Diary (2019)

soprano and clarinet, ~11 min

A setting of 'Saturday' from Eve's Diary by Mark Twain. Commissioned by the Whistling Hens.

Eve's Diary
Whistling Hens
Price: $15
Jane 8-11.jpg

From the Ladies of Jane (2011)

soprano and piano ~18 min


Four songs with texts drawn from the books of Jane Austen.

IV. Willoughby (Marianne Dashwood)
Christina Howell, soprano
Catherine Giel, piano
Price: $18
Love letters.jpg

Love Letters from a War (2009)

male voice and piano ~26 min


An eleven-song cycle with text drawn from letters written by the composer's grandfather to her grandmother during WWII. Available for tenor or baritone. Honorable Mention in 2010 NATS Competition.Winner of the Boston Metro Opera vocal category.

VIII. Evening
Gene Roberts, tenor
Tamara Goldstein, piano
Price: $25

Passing (2011)

mezzo-soprano and piano ~2 min


A short song setting of a poem by Christina Rossetti.

Price: $5

Prelude (2011)

soprano and piano ~2.5 min


A setting of a poem by Josephine Preston Peabody.

Jennifer Piazza-Pick, soprano
Ying-Shan Su, piano
Price: $5
Love and longing 8x11.jpg

Songs of Love and Longing (2005)

mezzo-soprano and piano ~15 min


A cycle of six songs setting the poetry of Christina Rossetti.

I. Somewhere or Other
Mary Dawson, mezzo soprano
Price: $15
Songs Soul 8x11.jpg

Songs of the Soul (1999)

baritone and piano ~10 min


A cycle of five songs setting the poetry of Walt Whitman.

III. A Clear Midnight
Bradley Thompson, baritone
Price: $12

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