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Eve's Diary (2019)

Medium: soprano and clarinet

Length: ~11 min

Commissioned by the Whistling Hens (soprano Jennifer Piazza-Pick and clarinetist Natalie Groom), this piece uses as its text the first day of Mark Twain’s work “Eve’s Diary.” Eve is one day old, and exploring her new world. Mark Twain’s Eve is a joyous, courageous, exuberant, curious, innocent, adventurous woman, thoroughly interested and involved in  the new macrocosm of which she is a part. The work is sectional as Eve moves through her new discoveries, beginning with her own existence, the existence of the world around her (represented by the clarinet), and culminating in her discovery of the ‘other’ experiment--who is not quite as curious and brave as she is...

Price: $15

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