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Mixed Choir

Prices listed are for single scores, discounts are provided for multiple score orders--please see the individual work page for discount.
Alleluia 8x11.jpg

Alleluia (2005)

SATB with some divisi, ~4.25 min

Finalist in the Outside the Bachs composition competition.

Price: $2.00
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Twain 8x11.jpg

In the Words of Mark Twain (2002)

SATB, ~8.5 min


Eight short settings of Mark Twain's witticisms. Commissioned by the Gainesville Civic Choristers. 

I. Man is
Price: $2.95
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I Wonder As I Wander 2.jpg

I Wonder as I Wander (2011)

SATB with divisi, ~6 min


An arrangement of the well-known Christmas carol.

I Wonder As I Wander
MSU Denver Chorale
Price: $2.25
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Kyrie eleison.jpg

Kyrie eleison (1995)

SATB with divisi ~4 min

A setting of the Latin Kyrie.

Price: $1.75
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Life (2002)

SATB ~1 min

A short setting of a serious quote from Mark Twain.

MSU Denver choir
Price: $1.00
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Longfellow's night 2.jpg

Longfellow's Night (2008)

SATB with divisi, ~6.25 min

Two settings of Longfellow poems about night.

I. Daylight and Moonlight
MSU Denver Chorale
Price: $2.50
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That Music Always Round Me orch.jpg

That Music Always Round Me (2016)

SATB with divisi and orchestra, ~7 min

A setting of the Walt Whitman poem.

That Music Always Round Me - M
MSU Denver choirs
Price (orch score): $8.00
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3 Songs Soul.jpg

Three Songs for the Soul (2006)

SATB, piano, oboe, ~5 min

Settings of three Walt Whitman poems. Winner of the Braintree-Nashoba Valley Composition Competition

I. A Clear Midnight
Braintree and Nashoba Valley choirs
Price: $2.50
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Two Wassail Songs.jpg

Two Wassail Songs (2017)

 SATB with divisi~6 min

Arrangements of "Here we come a-wassailing" and "Glouchester Wassail."

Here We Come A-Wassailing
MSU Denver Chorale
Price: $2.25
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Treble Choir

Three Unlikely Love Songs.jpg

Three Unlikely Love Songs (2006)

SSAA and piano ~10 min

Three settings of poems by Christina Rossetti with a different take on love.

II. Sister Maude
Price: $2.95
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Men's Choir

High Flight.jpg

High Flight (2007)

TTBB, piano, and optional horn, ~3.5 min

A setting of the aviation poem by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

High Flight
Price: $2.00
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Compositions are delivered as PDF through email manually by Cherise. Please allow two business days for delivery. 

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