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Songs of Love and Longing (2005)

Medium: mezzo-soprano and piano

Length: ~15 min

Songs of Love and Longing is a cycle using six poems by English poet, Christina Rossetti (1830-1894). It traces the reflections of a woman longing for a love ("Somewhere or Other," and "Have you forgotten"), but not just any love (as is indicated in the humerous "No, thank you, John"). The tender Monna Innominata 2 and 7 trace the budding romance, and "A Birthday" expresses the jubilation of love. As with many of Rossetti's poems, there is also a deeper spiritual interpretation that can be superimposed on the text.

Price: $15 

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I. Somewhere or Other
II. Have You Forgotten
III. No Thank You, John
IV. Monna Innominata 2
V. Monna Innominata 7
VI. A Birthday
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