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stars 8x11.jpg
and the stars shall withdraw their shini
Jeffrey Gleason, guitar

Price: $10

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Stitch in Time 8x11.jpg
A Stitch in Time (2008) viola, ~10 min
A five movement work based on knitting stitches.
I. k2, p2
Matthew Dane, viola
Price: $12
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Stitch in Time clarinet.jpg
A Stitch in Time (2020) clarinet,~10 min
A transcription of the viola work based on kitting stitches.
I. k2, p2
Natalie Groom, clarinet
Price: $12
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Belle Starr 8x11 2.jpg

My Name is Belle Starr... (2019) piano

Six etude variations on a folk song

~25 min

I. ...and they named me Myra Maybelle
...and my love is a rider
Jooeun Pak, piano

Price: $22

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Curecanti 8x11.jpg
Seven Solitudes from Curecanti (2020) solo oboe/English horn ~15 min
Miniatures inspired by photos from the Curecanti area of Colorado. Commissioned by Michael Adduci.
Curecanti: I. Joyfully
Michael Adduci, oboe

Price: $15 

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a voice.jpg
a voice silenced...a voice sings (2021) solo flute ~7 min
Single movement work melding the music of Hildegard and Ella Fitzgerald.
Commissioned by Flute New Music Consortium.
a voice silenced...a voice sings
Elizabeth Robinson, flute

Price: $15 

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Penitence and Praise.jpg
Penitence and Praise (2017) flute and electronics, ~12.5 min
Uses tunes from Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony. Commissioned by Colleen White
Penitence and Praise
Mary Matthews Norton, flute

Price: $25 w/electronic track

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