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Seven Solitudes from Curecanti (2020)

Medium: solo oboe/English horn

Length: ~16 min


Seven Solitudes from Curecanti is a set of miniatures commissioned by Michael Adduci. Each movement was inspired by photos taken by the composer in the Curecanti National Recreation Area near Gunnison, Colorado. The composer would like to state that she is in no way even an amateur photographer, but found these images musically evocative.

I. Joyfully--an improvisatory prelude, unmetered, with whole-tone implications


II. With movement--an active melody with strong forward motion, containing a quote from Smetana’s Moldau


III. Flowing--a melody and its mirrored form; the performer is encouraged to sing in places


IV. With gentle melancholy--the ballad of the piece; the mood and recurring rhythmic motive is derived from Oscar Levant’s standard “Blame it on My Youth”

V. Delicately--a gentle movement using slides, pitch bends, and differing vibrato

VI. Playful--the scherzo of the piece with a nod to rag-time

VII. Wistful--a postlude with reminiscences of previous movements: the first five notes are a quote from Duke Ellington's "Solitude."

Price: $15
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