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Penitence and Praise (2017)

Medium: flute and fixed electronics (for the flute ensemble version, please see the chamber music page)

Length: ~12.5 minutes

Commissioned by Dr. Colleen White, Penitence and Praise is a work for flute and fixed electronics. The backing sounds are six pre-recorded flute lines many of which utilize various extended techniques. The source material is derived from five tunes from the Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony shape-note hymnals (Cheerful, David's Lamentation, Resignation, Invitation, and Azmon) and one original tune the composer titled Devinney, after the name of her street. The solo line utilizes both C-flute and alto-flute, and is often heard responding to the ideas presented in the backing track.

The backing electronics may be purchased from the composer, or one may choose to pre-record the six parts and essentially be able to perform chamber music with oneself!

Price for score/parts/electronic track: $20

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