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Trio Cerulean (2018)

Medium: flute, viola or cello, piano with hand-held percussion

Length: ~8.5 min

Trio Cerulean for flute, viola or cello, piano, and hand percussion, was commissioned by the Arbor Ensemble. It follows the harmonic progression of the song "Little Girl Blue" by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart (with a few small modifications), and is in three connected movements with an introduction. In addition to the harmonic progression, the motive of two repeated notes which is prevalent in the introduction, first, and last sections is drawn from the Rodgers/Hart original. All three performers also utilize hand-held percussion instruments (guiro, shaker, triangle) and there is also an optional singing portion in the middle section of the piece.

Price: $16 -- (with viola)

Price: $16 -- (with cello)

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Trio Cerulean with viola
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