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Sylvan Sketches (2019)

Medium: flute/alto flute and cello

Length: ~13 min

Sylvan Sketches, a work for flute and cello, was commissioned by Jano Duo in 2019. A three movement work in a typical fast-slow-fast configuration, the piece utilizes both flute and alto flute, as well as extended techniques for both flute and cello. Each movement is centered around one or two specific rhythmic or melodic motives.The titles of each movement are lines from three of Robert Frost's poems: "The Road not Taken,” "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," and "Gathering Leaves."

Price: $15

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I. Two paths diverged in a wood
II. The woods are lovely, dark and deep
III. and bags full of leaves are light as balloons
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