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Shoe Sweet (2014)

Medium: wind ensemble 

Length: ~18 min

Shoe Sweet is a lighthearted work for band that suggests various ideas in our lives through the shoes we wear. The movements may be performed in any order, and may be extracted from the whole and performed separately. “Sunday Shoes” –a composite of two traditional hymn tunes from different time periods: ‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God’ and ‘Shall We Gather by the River,’ which after being presented individually, are superimposed on each other. “Walking Shoes”—a stroll down a street that becomes increasingly crowded and bustling, before thinning back out. “Running Shoes”—some may remark that this movement is not all that fast, and not very long, which is very true, because that is exactly how the composer runs: not all that fast and not very long. “Horse Shoes”—a mash-up of a number of cowboy folk tunes including 'Roll On,' Goodbye Old Paint,' 'Happy Trails,' and 'The Cowboy.' “Baby Shoes” –a lullaby in the Dorian mode and compound meter. “Dancing Shoes” –an up-tempo number that moves through swing, tango, and cheesy 70's music (the three things guaranteed to get the composer on the dance floor.)

Walking Shoes, Baby Shoes, and Sunday Shoes were given an Honorable Mention from the Columbia Summer Winds Composition competition.

Price: $225

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Sunday Shoes
Walking Shoes
Running Shoes
Horse Shoes
Baby Shoes
Dancing Shoes
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