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Penitence and Praise (2018)

Medium: flute choir and solo flute

Length: ~12.5 min

Penitence and Praise, for solo flute/alto flute and flute choir (piccolo, 4 flutes, alto flute), is an arrangement of the work for flute and electronics. It utilizes source material found in the shape-note collections Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony, compiled in the 1800s, as well as one original tune composed in the same style. In ternary form, the piece owes much of its harmonic inspiration to the quartal and quintal styles of the shape-note hymns, combined with the more pentatonic elements of the melodies. The five pre-existing tunes in order of appearance are: Azmon (O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing), Cheerful, David’s Lamentation, Resignation, and Invitation (Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal). The original tune composed in the same style makes its appearance throughout the piece, and is entitled “Devinney” after the street on which the composer resides. In some cases the shape-note melodies are stated in their entirety, such as the opening 'Azmon' and the closing 'Invitation;' while in others--most notably with 'David's Lamentation' which uses the notes corresponding to the words "O my son"--only small fragments of the tunes are used.


Several extended techniques are used for both the solo flute and several of the choir parts: harmonics, overblowing to harmonics while executing a tremolo, and singing while playing.

Price: $30

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Penitence and Praise
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