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From Pen and Ink (2011)

Medium: clarinet/bass clarinet and piano

Length: ~12 min

From Pen and Ink is a collection of three pieces for clarinet and piano inspired by the pen and ink drawings of New York artist Leah Raintree. The first, 'Machine-iac,' is an explosive piece with dance-like rhythms that endeavors to express the dynamic energy of her drawing entitled “Excerpts: The Incredible Machine 1.1” through rhythmic intensity, syncopation, mixed meter, and colorful harmonies. The second, 'Off-spun' is a musical rendering of her drawing “Off-spin” which unites concentric circles with a spiraling ribbon. In the musical setting, the piano moves in melodic circles from its lowest register to the highest, and then shifts into the piano and uses thetop strings, while the bass clarinet mimics the ribbon that spirals in, out and around the circles, winding higher and higher to the top of the sketch. 'Expedition in Color' is the fast final movement based on the artist’s color drawing “Expedition 2.1” and is essentially a scherzo. In it, melodic and rhythmic motives from the first two movements reappear and are combined, representing the very visual link between the three drawings. For more information about the artist, please visit her website at

Price: $15

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I. Machiniac
II. Off-spun
III. Expedition in color
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