Solo and Chamber


With Flute
Sylvan Sketches--(flute/alto flute and cello) a three movement work based on lines from poems by Robert Frost. Commissioned by Jano Duo (Naomi Seidman, flute, and Jonathan Dexter, cello). (11 min)
Vignettes--(flute and alto flute) a three movement work: I. and then I said...and then she said..., II. Sunday on the Couch;
III. The Wallflower. Commissioned by Naomi Seidman and Cristina Ballatori. (6 min)
Chroma--(flute/alto flute and cello) a three movement work based on the colors of Colorado. Finalist in the 2014 Flute New Music Competition. (9 min)  (Listen)
Chromaticity--(flute/alto flute, clarinet, bassoon) a three movement work based on the colors of Colorado. (9 min)
Penitence and Praise--(flute and electronics) uses source material from the shape-note collections Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony. Commissioned by Colleen White. (9 min)
Prelude and Fugue--flute choir: piccolo, 4 flutes, alto flute (7'15")
American Folk Suite--(soprano and flute) arrangements of five American folk songs. 2014 BMO Merit Award.
(11 min) (Listen)
The Life in a Day--(flute/alto flute, guitar, cello) a three movement work based on different times in a typical day. Commissioned by CSMTA and MTNA. Won the 2017 Flute New Music Chamber Competition.(18 min) (Listen)
Trio No. 1 "Frog"--(flute, violin, cello) a three movement work in the typical fast/slow/fast format. (The nickname has nothing to do with programmatic elements, but comes from lapel pins given to me: three frogs playing the flute, violin, and cello.) (17'20") (Listen)
Sacred Harmony--flute choir: piccolo, 5 flutes, alto flute, optional bass flute (~7 min)
Trio Cerulean--(flute, viola or cello, piano) also uses hand-held percussion. Commissioned by the Arbor Ensemble. (8'30')
With Voice
Eve's Diary--(soprano and clarinet) a setting of 'Saturday' from Eve's Diary by Mark Twain. Commissioned by the Whistling Hens (Jennifer Piazza-Pick, soprano and Natalie Groom, clarinet). (11 min)
American Folk Suite--(soprano and flute, or soprano and clarinet) arrangements of five American folk songs. 2014 BMO Merit Award.
(11 min) (Listen)
Prelude--(soprano and piano) a setting of the poem by Josephine Preston Peabody (2'15") (Listen)
Cowboy Songs for Her--(female voice and piano) five arrangements of  pre-existing cowboy tunes.
(Available in high, medium, or low) (Listen)
Cowboy Songs for Him--(male voice and piano) five arrangements of  pre-existing cowboy tunes.
(Available in high, medium, or low)
Cowboy Songs for Them--(female and male voice and piano) duet arrangements of four cowboy tunes: Home on the Range,
To Midnight, The Dying Cowboy/O Bury Me Out on the Prairie, and She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
 (Available in high or low)
The Cowboy and His God--(male voice and piano) two songs on cowboy poems
From the Ladies of Jane--(soprano and piano) a four-song cycle with text drawn from four of Jane Austen's books:
I. Of Music, II. That of Loving Longest, III. Maple Grove, IV. Willoughby (15 min) (Listen)
Love Letters from a War--(male voice and piano) a cycle  with text drawn from letters written by the composer's grandfather to her grandmother during WWII. Honorable Mention 2010 NATS Competion, winner in the BMO vocal category. (25 min) (Listen) (Available for tenor or baritone)
Songs of Love and Longing--(mezzo-soprano and piano) a six song cycle with texts from poems by Christina Rossetti
(15 min)
Songs of the Soul--(bass-baritone and piano) a five song cycle with texts from poems by Walt Whitman (10 min) (Listen)
Distant Shadows--(soprano, oboe, piano) a vocalise (published by Trevco) (5'30")
With Brass/Wind/String/Piano
...and the stars shall withdraw their shining--(classical guitar) (~5 min)
My Name is Belle Starr--(solo piano) six etude variations using the folk tune "My Love is a Rider" (~18 min)
A Stich in Time--(solo viola) a five movement work based on knitting stitches: I. k2, p2  II. slip 1, k1, psso  III. work Cable
IV. yon  V. p2, k2  (Listen)  (9'30")
Capers--(trombone and piano) a five movement work commissioned by Dr. Michelle Stanley. I. Prelude, II. Air, III. Fuguette
IV. In Fourth (Listen), V. Gigue (11 min)
From Pen and Ink--(clarinet/bass clarinet and piano) I. Machiniac, II. Off-spun (Listen), III. Expedition in color (12 min)
Distant Shadows--(soprano, oboe, piano) a vocalise (published by Trevco) (5'30")


The Lady or the Tiger--(one act) co-composed with Leanna Kirchoff, based on the short story by Frank Stockton (60 min)


Lady Susan--based on the little-known book by Jane Austen (in progress)



Tango: Midnight--(concert band) a Grade 3 tango. (3'30")
Fantasy on Two English Hymn Tunes--(wind ensemble with optional organ) a single movement work using 'Jerusalem' by Hubert Parry, and the hymn tune King's Lynn' as source material. (~8 min)
Shoe Sweet--(wind ensemble) a six movement work based on different types of shoes: 
Sunday Shoes, Walking Shoes, Running Shoes, Horseshoes, Baby Shoes, Dancing Shoes. Received an Honorable Mention in the Columbia Summer Winds Competition. (~18 min)  (Listen)
Winter Wanderings--(orchestra or orchestra with three guitars) arrangement of three Christmas carols:
Gloucestershire Wassail, I Wonder As I Wander, Here we come a Wassailing


Lament--(string orchestra) a single movement with a duration of approx 7 min (Listen)

Mixed Choir
That Music Always Round Me (SATB with divisi, orchestra, or SATB and piano) a setting of the Walt Whitman poem of the same name. (7 min)
Alleluia (SATB with some divisi) (4'15") (Listen)
I Wonder As I Wander (SATB with some divisi) arrangement of the well-known Christmas carol (6 min) (Listen)
Two Wassail Songs (SATB) arrangements of two secular Christmas carols: Glouchester Wassail, and Here We Come A-wassailing
Longfellow's Night (SATB with some divisi) (Listen)
I. Daylight and Moonlight (2'15")
II. Hymn to the Night (4 min)
Three Songs for the Soul (SATB, piano, oboe) (won the Nashoba Valley Chorale/Braintree Choral Society composition competition) (5 min)
I. A Clear Midnight
II. Joy, Shipmate, Joy
III. Then Last of All
In the Words of Mark Twain (SATB with small amount of divisi) (commissioned by the Gainesville Civic Choristers)
I. Man is..., II. Thunder is good, III. Put all your eggs in one basket, IV. Familiarity, V. I believe, VI. Always do right, VII. My advice to girls, VIII. My conscience is more trouble and bother (Listen) 
Life (SATB) a brief setting of a serious Mark Twain text (may be inserted into In the Words of Mark Twain) (Listen)
Women's Choir
Three Unlikely Love Songs (SSAA and piano)
I. Where Were You Last Night
II. Sister Maude--a cappella  (winner of the 2007 Ars Nova Composition Competition (Listen)
III. No, Thank You, John
Men's Choir
High Flight (TTBB, piano, optional horn) (Listen)